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How to avoid rogue casinos?

Playing any game of chance will always be risky. By default, you are not actually meant to win as there are several obstacles and challenges along the way. But, when rogue casinos come into the playing field, the odds become much worse. Thankfully, you can easily avoid becoming a victim of a rogue casino by making sure to research the website you plan on using, preparing for the game and investigating the matter further. It can be a true hassle so we will do our best to shed some light on the steps you would need to take to ensure your safety and minimize your potential headache.

Terms and Conditions

Gamblers Playing game in casino terms and conditionsNo matter how many times you have heard that advise: Always double check the Terms and Conditions over and over again! It is genuinely of paramount importance that you do so.

Remember, scamming players is not an easy thing to do. We are not the only ones that recommend thoroughly reading through the terms and conditions. So, most of the serious players will check those terms before they even think about making an account.

However, the tricky thing is that the rogue company can and will change those terms and conditions a bit too often. In fact, it may happen so much that taking the effort to read through them every single time isn’t worth the effort.

If you notice that the casino is changing the T’s and C’s a bit too frequently, just find another place to play at. A rogue casino might change the requirements for withdrawals right when you plan to cash out and leave you stranded with nothing at all.

Withdrawal policy

Bonuses People playing poker in casinoSome sites will try to hide the fact that they are extremely slow when it comes to paying out. This is why you should always check in advance the sites withdrawal policy since they are in obligation to state how long will take for you to receive your money back. The worst case scenario most definitely is if they are not paying players at all. And, believe it or not, it’s not nearly as rare as most people believe.

So strike out on the quest to find out as much as you can about the withdrawal policy of the casino to see exactly how much time you would have to spend waiting for your payouts. And, of course, keep your eyes open for any signs of fraud.

Unwanted bonuses and limits

They will most certainly tempt you by offering large bonuses on huge minimum deposits. We strongly advise you to resist that temptation. There will be a massive discrepancy between the amount of the possible winnings and deposit you must go in with. The apparent reason why this offer should stand out to you is that the most legit casinos do not have such high bonuses because they are just not real. Some even will try to give you bonuses you did not even want, and that will most probably happen once you ask for a payout. Also, about that time you will hear about processing fees and payout limits per week which will make the whole process too slow. Rest assured that you do not have that amount of time at your disposal.

Avoid large deposit

Even after extensive research, you will always be at the danger of rogue casinos. Test the site with the bare minimum of your deposit couple of times. You will maybe be at a loss with transaction/ activity fees, but that is a better bet than losing all of your money in cases when you are not sure with what type of casino you are dealing with.

Remain skeptical

Even if you found a site whose terms and general appearance gives you confidence enough to join, never believe everything that is written and stated. Double check the license of the casino, you should be able to to do so by just following the direct link to their certification. If there is something shady about the link or license itself, consult their support.


Online casino Casino blacklistThere are always independent sites that are looking out for you, providing most accurate and honest review along with the list of casinos that already made their blacklist. That list will cover hundreds of casinos that you could find online that already tried or are still practicing their scam. You can always easily find that information by just entering casino names on already reputable websites dedicated to well being of the players. Also, they are regularly updated and will be useful to both beginners as well as to more experienced players.


Overall, in every industry like this, there will always be companies who will try to take advantage of its players. We have tried to outline the basic instructions you would need to avoid such mistakes. You as a player who is getting into that world and exploring, we kindly suggest you to notify reputable sites about any current updates you encounter regarding every aspect of a rogue casino. That way, you are expanding the knowledge base and securing you and many other players in the same situation. We should emphasize that you will encounter many issues along the way, but by good prep and research skills, you will be most secure that you could be. Do not allow rogue casinos take all the fun!

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