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How to Cheat Online Casino Slot Machines

Here’s a question almost every gambler asks themselves at one point or another: “What if I find a way to cheat the slot?” Don’t feel embarrassed, it is in our human nature to want to earn big money with minimum effort — it’s how we are. So to answer your question, yes, you most definitely can cheat an online slot.

Should you do it, however? Absolutely not! It is illegal, unfair, and dangerous, and you don’t want to find yourself on the other side of the law. I’ve heard it’s a horrible place to be at. However, there are a couple of ways to increase your chances of winning using various cheat methods, but I do advise you to never try out in any of them. I went forth and learned about them for the sake of fun and education, and for all of you with the same intention, I’ve decided to shed some light.

First Things First

Online Gambling Woman playing Slot MachinesYou can’t really cheat an online slot without knowing how it works first. An online slot uses the RNG (Random Number Generator) to continuously provide random numbers and make sure that gambling truly remains lucky and fair. It is an algorithm produced specifically for these purposes. Now, it is true there have been times when RNG was hacked by some people, Ron Harris for example. His job was to find bugs and check if RNG was properly functioning for multiple online casinos. And this is where that dark side of the human nature came out. Ron saw an opportunity to earn some easy money and grabbed it. He figured out a way to trick the RNG and collected a significant amount of real money. Don’t worry though, the RNG has evolved since then and keeps doing so. Programmers keep working on it in order to make it more secure and resilient, so your money is safe.

However, before the Internet era, slot machines were mechanical, and just like Ron, Tommy Glenn Carmichael found a way to cheat — for 40 years straight. He found a way to mess with the mechanism of a slot machine and earn more. In the end, he was arrested because he caused Las Vegas casinos to lose millions of dollars.

So How Do You Cheat a Slot If You’re Not a Hacker?

You don’t need to be an IT specialist to cheat an online slot game. It can be done without necessarily getting into the code itself and corrupting it. If regularly play online, you must have heard of the no-deposit method.

Basically, many online casinos welcome their new players with a no-deposit bonus. It is quite self-explicable — you get to play a couple of times without having to pay for the deposit. Although it is a wonderful gift from many online casinos, some players wanted more. Why should the no-deposit bonus be only a welcome gift? Why not keep it longer? So they came up with a solution. You can’t trick a slot to keep granting you this bonus continuously, but you can trick it by pretending to be a new user.

Online Casino Woman question Technically, you can create multiple accounts at an online casino, and with each new account, you get a new no-deposit bonus. This way, you get to win so many times without investing a single dime. Watch out though, because you will get caught, I guarantee. Any online casino is capable of noticing this method, and it will result in your account getting banned. Actually, you will probably have your IP address banned too, so you will never be able to play at that online casino ever again. You would officially be blacklisted. And in case you don’t know how awful that feels, you can always ask so many rogue casinos online — they will explain. Therefore, if you want to play slots, keep it fair, and enjoy the generous bonuses casinos grant.

Making New Accounts Seems Too Bothersome? How About the Chargeback Method?

I get it, you don’t feel like making 100 new accounts. It takes a lot; making a new e-mail address and password every single time, as well as having to fill all the basic information over and over again. Well, get ready then, because you’re about to be acquainted with the so-called Chargeback Method. Be careful though, you’ll be able to pull out this method only once, and I can almost guarantee that you will be legally prosecuted as a result.

Let’s say you don’t really know when to stop playing slots. You’re a person of hope, and you just know that the next spin will bring you that big win. Alas, it doesn’t. So you have a normal emotional response — you’re angry, disappointed, and even think the online slot machines have been rigged. If you’re betting in a highly-rated, well-licensed online casino, the chances are everything was completely fair, and you just weren’t lucky enough.

Some people, however, decided not to let it end there and then. They realized they could ask for a chargeback from their bank. Hence, they would come up with a lie how the online casino was fraudulent and how their money had been stolen. That means the credit-card provider is obliged to pay that money back to the user. Now, although you might get the money using this method, what comes after honestly isn’t worth it. The casino would have you banned, and you would be in over your head with the bank. Should the bank realize the online casino wasn’t rogue, there would be a lot of explaining due.

In Conclusion; Slot Machine Cheating Does Not Benefit You at All

It is considered a crime, you will be banned by multiple online casinos, and you will have problems with your bank. And is this really what you, a law-abiding, good citizen need in your life? — Absolutely not. Gambling is fun as long as you keep it responsible, and 90% of the time, casino games are based on sheer luck. So try to enjoy, spend only as much as you think you can, and always do your research on a casino. Good luck, and happy betting!

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